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At Haddad Law Firm, we take pride in providing top-notch legal services to our clients. 

Results may vary depending on your particular facts and legal circumstances.

They have represented me and my husband in different cases great lawyers.

They are very professional and welcoming, I would highly recommend them.

They made the process very easy and made it understanding every step of the way.

He took the time with patience and compassion to hear my experience.

Fast, efficient, and a pleasure to work with. Will definitely use again.

I'm extremely thankful for everything that they had done for me and I'm very satisfied with their work.

Words can't express how satisfied I am with The Haddad Law Firm. They made everything so easy, from communicating with the doctors, to working around my work schedule. During a stressful and painful time, Greg was great.

I was injured badly from an accident that was not my fault. I was hurt really bad. I called Steve Haddad bc I heard he was good lawyer. Obviously I was suspect of any lawyer. But I can tell you from the moment I called, he was attentive responsive caring and knowledgeable .I felt at ease. Haddad did an excellent job. I highly recommend anyone injured to call him without hesitation. I am happy with the outcome of my case.

Overall great experience! Nehal Modi did a excellent job with keeping me updated and consistently informing me of all important information! I would definitely recommend this firm over anywhere else! 10/10 for Professionalism

The Haddad Law Firm has gone above and beyond to settle my motor vehicle claim in a favorable way. Unfortunately I was hit by an underinsired motorist while crossing in a cross walk. I was extremely shocked to learn the driver's insurance would not cover my medical bills or compensate me for my pain and suffering due to minimal auto coverage. Thankfully Mr. Greg Carrubba pursued all available options to ensure my medical bills were paid and that I was compensated for my injuries. His team kept me informed on the status of my claim every step of the way. I would highly recommend the Haddad law firm. They truly care about their clients and provide exceptional service.

Smooth and informative. Steven Haddad and his team did a wonderful job with our case. They were very caring and informative from the beginning, and the entire process was fast, efficient, and painless!

I made a good decision with hiring this law firm to take on my personal injury case. My case took 3 years to settle and I am pleased with my settlement. I want to thank Maggie for helping and taking time to take my calls before and after my surgery. She was very caring and devoted towards me. I appreciate you sincerely. Thank you to the other two young ladies that I spoke to that helped me out at the beginning of my case, sorry I forgot your names . Stephanie F. thank you for keeping me updated and informed with all appointments I attended and answering my questions. Carolyn L. thank you very much for making sure I received answers to my questions. Christopher M is the best attorney that worked on my case. He answered all my questions honestly and gave detailed explanations to questions I asked him. I was very impressed the way he handle arbitration for my case. The arbitrator complimented him regarding the way he presented my case. Thank you again for fighting for me. Mr. Haddad thank you for putting me in great hands. Marisol F. you did a phenomenal job with providing me with paperwork breaking down all my medical bills so that I understood I appreciate you for negotiating my medical expenses and answering questions I had. I strongly recommend this law firm.

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