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Explore the successful outcomes achieved by The Haddad Law Firm, showcasing our commitment to justice and determined advocacy for our clients.
Results may vary depending on your particular facts and legal circumstances.


Confidential settlement 


$3.2 Mil settlement with structured settlement ultimately generating $5.3 Mil in benefits for a 2 years old burn victim due to a negligente of a nurse.


Settlement for a woman who slipped and fell on an icy stairwell at an apartment complex. Plaintiff suffered spinal injuries requiring fusion surgeries.


Settled premises liability. Terms and names of parties are confidential.


Tractor Trailer Accident. Terms and names of parties are confidential.

$1.5 MILLION |

$0 Offer Pre-Trial Jury Verdict

Verdict for man performing work on a construction site when a shard of metal lodged in his left eye. He did not regain sight. Matter was subsequently settled.


Settlement for a man who claimed he was injured in his neck, back, and shoulder in a crosswalk by a passing car. He was deemed disabled and unable to return to work.


Construction OSHA violations for worker injured on the job in Jersey City.

$1.025 MILLION

Settlement and judgement in case where a man was injured due to an assault and compounded negligence in a home where repairs were left unfinished. $25,000 Settlement from one defendant before trial with respect to negligence with judgement from co-defendant for $1,000,000.

$1.025 MILLION

Injured while spreading concrete, a man accidentally stepped backward onto rebar, causing severe injuries that required extensive treatment and surgeries.


Slip Fall on icy stairs


Settlement for a man seriously injured in a passenger van that was hit by a drunken driver.

$0 Offer Pre-Trial Jury Verdict

$950,000 |

Verdict in a case for man on a motorcycle who was struck by a driver pulling out of a parking spot. Matter was subsequently settled.


Settlement for man injured when car was struck by truck.

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