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Medical Worker


Steven P. Haddad, Esq. welcomes Mena R. Francis, Esq. to head the firm's PIP arbitration department. Mr. Francis has extensive experience representing medical providers and facilities in wrongfully denied PIP claims. With over nine years of experience in the industry, Mr. Francis knows what it takes to make sure providers collect fast. Mena Francis graduated from the Rutgers School of Business, in New Brunswick, NJ in 2008, obtaining his B.S. in Finance and minoring in Political Science. Following Business School, Mena attended Seton Hall University School of Law, obtaining his JD degree in 2011. After graduating, Mena served as in-house counsel to a start-up medical management company, spearheading the development of a No-Fault/PIP collections department, which ultimately generated an average yearly collection stream of 7 million dollars for medical providers and facilities. Thereafter, Mr. Francis developed a PIP Arbitration Department for a very reputable personal injury department with over ten offices within the state. Coming from the medical providers' side, Mr. Francis has a unique understanding of the pressures that providers face with delays in getting their account receivables paid because of denied claims. Therefore, having the right protocols and documents in place is key to ensuring fast recovery. Mr. Francis will work with you to make sure you have all the documents in place to commence the arbitration process and to ensure a fast recovery. The Haddad Law Firm looks forward to the opportunity to take on your PIP Arbitration. All arbitrations can be emailed to, where they will promptly be reviewed and handled accordingly.

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