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Top Five Lawyers and Attorneys in 2023

Brett Rosen discovered his passion for criminal law and became enamored with the intricacies of litigation, particularly cross-examining witnesses. Guided by a professor who stressed the importance of preparation, Brett learned the value of being over-prepared for a trial. His experience as an intern at the Bristol County District Attorney’s office exposed him to high-profile cases like that of Aaron Hernandez, the former New England patriot’s tight end.

After graduating with his J.D., Brett initially worked at a personal injury firm before joining the Law Offices of Eric H. Bennett. This opportunity transformed his life, as he gained extensive experience in trial litigation, conducting nine jury trials in just nine months. Following his time at Eric’s office, and driven by a strong sense of justice and a desire to protect the rights of the accused, Brett pursued his passion for criminal law and joined a renowned criminal defense law firm.

Brett is also an advocate for mental health and well-being within the legal profession. He understands the stress and emotional toll that comes with representing clients in high-stakes cases and strives to support his clients both inside and outside the courtroom.

In addition to his legal accomplishments, Brett Rosen has a keen interest in advancements in artificial intelligence and their impact on the legal industry. He recognizes the potential of AI-powered tools in legal research and case analysis, staying abreast of new developments to enhance his practice.

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